This is the Nicest Apartment I’ve Ever Had

I started looking at apartments in Henderson Nevada as soon as I found out that the job I applied for there was mine for the taking. It didn’t take me but a minute to decide that I wanted it, but I did want to look at the apartments around the area first just to make sure I would be able to afford to live there first. I just did a simple online search for inexpensive but nice apartments in the area, which is how I found The Edge apartments.

These apartments are super nice. I looked at the apartment amenities first, and I was really happy with everything that I saw. For the kitchen, stainless steel appliances are included with each apartment. A microwave and garbage disposal are also included, which made me really happy. The cabinets are a dark cherry color, which just happens to be my favorite kind of cabinetry for a kitchen. I also liked the granite counters throughout the kitchen. The most exciting part though was all the storage space. Along with cupboards galore, there is also a pantry, providing plenty of storage even for the person who loves to cook something different every single night, like me.

The rest of the apartment amenities are just as nice. There is carpeting throughout, and the wood in the entry and bathrooms is very striking. All of the window coverings are included, and there are even ceiling fans. I think my favorite bonus amenity is the washer and dryer set. It isn’t tucked away in a tiny closet either. I can actually go into the small room that they are in and do my laundry there. This is by far the nicest apartment that I have ever had, and it is not costing me an arm and a leg either!