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Some Considerations When Moving Your Piano Among musical instruments, pianos are considered to be one of the most expensive. Prices of a piano vary depending on the kind or quality, like the basic one costs around $2000 while a famous or higher quality piano costs around $8000. The value of your piano then deserves a careful handling if you want to move it. Therefore, you need the expertise of movers who know how to handle the moving of pianos. Careful treatment must be done on a piano considering that it is a work of art and not just any plain furniture. Local moves could cost around $50 to $200, thus to assure the quality of the service, you can ask from the mover references from their past customers. It is a fact that repairing a piano is very costly and time consuming. The tuning of the piano and its original finish may not be anymore restored once these are damaged. Thus, you would need piano moving service that has good equipment and knows moving techniques. Even though these professional movers may be charging a lot for their service, but considering the value of your piano, these movers are often worth the cost. The parts of a grand piano for example are taken apart piece by piece by these professionals before moving it. The disassembled parts are then wrapped in special blankets, put on a board and held with straps. With the same wrapping, the pianos are wrapped and also strapped. To prevent the keys from falling, wooden rail is placed on them. Everything is then placed on a dolly, which is a platform with wheels. The more difficult part is moving the piano upstairs and this require a skid.
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The lightest piano weighing 300 lbs is still very difficult t move. The irregular shape of a piano added to the difficulty factor in moving it. Note that it takes about three men of average build to handle the moving job for a piano.
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It is advisable not to try moving the piano yourself because of the tedious task and the risk of your injury and damage to the piano. You can get professional piano movers among those who move pianos from manufacturers to showrooms since they have the equipment and the expertise. Depending on factors like the distance of point of delivery like within the area or country or overseas, moving costs are computed differently by companies. If you want to hire these professionals, it is suggested that you look at some factors like the amount of business they carry, the number of skilled labours they employ, the containers and equipment they hold and the carrier they use. There are several factors too that will be taken into consideration by these professional movers in order to compute the moving charges of your equipment, and these are the type of piano they will move, the distance they will travel, the place where the piano will be positioned, the climactic condition of your place, and the number of workers they will use to move your item.