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The Beanie Boo Craze It was as a matter of fact Ty Warner that introduced the beanie babies in the market and they were born in the year 1994. There are actually not a lot of people that are aware that he is responsible for the creation of such toys. He actually had a lot of goals and one of which is the fact he wanted to make sure that the toys looked more alive. And in order to be able to achieve this, what he did was that he added more air to the toys. To make sure that every beanie baby had less stuffing inside of them is what they did in order to achieve this goal. Stuffed full of stuffing is as a matter of fact what other stuff toys are which is one of the many reasons as to why they are stiff. What makes the beanie babies different is that they are half filled with beans and half filled with stuffing. Actually, that is the main reason as to why they have been given the name as beanie baby. What the competitors did was that they sneered at him and concluded that the toys will not be able to last long in the market. However, the opposite happened. The company actually made the first nine baby beanies and they are now being referred to as the original nine. Flash as the dolphin, Spot as the dog, Legs as the frog, Squealer as the pig, Splash as the killer whale, Patti as the platypus, Pinchers as the lobster, Cubbie as the bear and Chocolate as the moose are the nine. They were the first beanie babies that were available in the market which is the reason as to why the clients labelled them as what they are now. As a matter of fact, they were sold for less than $5 before. Introducing itself to the toddler was done in a unique way by the beanie and this was done through the short poem that it comes with. In the ear of the animal you will be able to see the red heart shaped tag containing the poem that was attached to the ear of the animal. Most of the time the beanie babies were shaped after animals such as hippopotamuses, cats, dogs and pigs. The beanie boos were also as a matter of fact styled and used bright colors so that it would look good to the eyes. The beanie babies also come with their own names. Aside from that, they also come with their own birth date. They actually have their own personality as well and this can actually be found in the short poem that is attached to their ear.
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Up until now the beanies are still popular due to the fact that babies prefer soft toys.5 Uses For Collections