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Germantown Dog Grooming: Best Grooming Tips for Your Dogs As a responsible pet owner, it is important to make sure that our dogs are well-groomed, because this is not just for their overall health but also ours as well. You don’t have to be overwhelmed and purchase all grooming items right away, you can start with a small grooming kit and eventually be able to purchase effective and quality items in the near future. Allow us to share some important grooming tips for you, to help you achieve a well-groomed and healthy dog. Whatever the breed of your dog is, you’ll need dog grooming supplies to give you a solid start such as comb, brush, pH-balanced shampoo and conditioner made especially for dogs, toothpaste and toothbrush, dog toenail clippers and styptic powder, otic solution, forceps and gauze, and electric clipper. Select an all-around medium-toothed comb, a wide-toothed comb for thick hair, and a fine-toothed comb for thin hair. Get a slicker brush for all-purpose brushing, and also get a curry brush for your dog with short hair and a pin brush if your dog has a long and single coat. It is essential that you know the basic god grooming steps for an efficient and effecting dog grooming, such as brushing your dog’s teeth once a week, and less frequent bathing and clipping. The basic routine dog grooming include doing a prebath clip or stripping if your dog’s coat needs it, expressing anal sacs as needed, bathing and rinsing thoroughly, drying using towels, hair dryer or human hair dyer, cleaning ears with otic solution, cleaning eye tear stains, trimming toenails, brushing teeth, applying leave-on conditioner and clipping hair as necessary. Do not be fooled by some popular home remedies for removing skunk spray from your dog such as using tomato juice, vinegar and water douche, and professional odor removers, because these only mask the smell a bit but not really solving the problem. The first step is combining all ingredients in a container: 1/2 quart hydrogen peroxide, 1 teaspoon liquid dish washing soap and 1/8 cup of baking soda in an open container, and then draw a tepid bath, apply it to your dog and rinse well.
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A dog with matted hair is really painful for them, so prevent this form happening by regularly brushing your dog’s coat. you don’t have to spend much money to seek a professional dog groomer for your dog’s matted hair, you can save some money by learning how a professional groomer handle it. If it isn’t too bad, you can spray it with a detangler solution and slowly work the mat free using a comb, doing it gently without pulling. If is doesn’t work, cut out the mat using a mat rake.The 10 Best Resources For Animals