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Benefits Of Pregnancy Massage Pregnancy can potentially create emotional and physical changes in women, which is the reason why most of them increase their weight, shift center of gravity, change posture as well as gait and huge hormonal adjustments. Because of that, soon-to-be-mothers may face different kinds of physical conditions similar to sciatic discomfort, back pain, carpal tunnel, headaches, swollen ankles and legs. When partnered along with their unstable hormone levels, emotional stress and nausea, it really calls for attention. Pregnancy massage is carried out by a qualified and an experienced massage therapies aiming to alleviate a number of these and several other pregnancy related conditions. Massage is deemed to provide varieties of health benefits similar to stimulating the lymphatic system and flow of blood, improve flexibility of muscles, enhance mobility of joints and a lot more. As pregnancy makes progress, the body is starting to adjust to the changing center of gravity caused by the increasing weight of the baby. Aside from that, the change in posture brings increased strain on hips, back and legs. Massage even helps to improve the functionality and flexibility of muscles which helps women to be able to carry additional weight while bearing pains and aches that are associated with pregnancy.
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Some of the claimed benefits for pregnancy massage include reduced stress through pain relief and relaxation, awareness and maintenance of good posture, relief of muscle spasms and tension particularly in legs, neck, back and hips, reduction of stress on the weight bearing joints, reduced oedema in feet and hands, assistance in pain relief for sciatic pain that normally arises during the stage of pregnancy, medication free headache relief and reduced fatigued while having improved energy levels.
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Studies conducted by experts have also indicated that prenatal massage can provide not just physical relief for moms-to-be. As a matter of fact, a group of pregnant women were provided with either relaxation or massage therapy for a 5 week study. Researchers have also figured out that massage group had dealt with less complications during their labor and delivery. Aside from that, they also had reduction in stress, less back pain and improved sleep quality in comparison to those who received relaxation therapy. During the entire course of pregnancy, massage is usually safe for women. If the woman experiences symptoms such as discharge of water or blood, pre-eclampsia, contagious fever/vomiting/illness, abdominal pain, blood clotting disorders and high blood pressure on the other hand, then massaging is better to be avoided. Say that you have some concerns about massage during prenatal period, then you should contact your trusted OBGYN doctor to help you out. After all, massage therapists will not be conducting pregnancy massage without your doctor’s approval.