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What To Do When Planning A Bachelorette Party? If you are task to organize a bachelorette party then you have to consider lots of things in order to have desirable outcomes. Planning a bachelorette party is not that difficult if you play your cards right and also it is a must that you systemize everything. To be a systematic person is a necessity if you want to accomplish everything with flying colors, this way all the details of the party will be accommodated. The following are some steps that you need to do when planning a bachelorette party. 1.Look for a specific theme of the party. The best way for you to know the appropriate theme is to ask the bride to be. Of course during your talk with her you can suggest some activities like a day in a spa treatment center, a poker game with her friends and even an out of town activity. 2. Choose a specific date. The next thing that must be done after having a specific theme for the party is to set the date for it. The most ideal date to have the party is the one that is not too close with the wedding date. It would be best if it is scheduled weeks before the wedding. The main objective of the party is for the soon to be bride have a taste of a single life however the date should be not to close with the wedding date for the guests might feel unpleasant effects brought by the party. Of course the date is also reliant with the concept of the party hence you have to versatile in choosing a date. For example the bride wishes to go for a spa treatment activity then you must choose a date in which the treatment facility is open.
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3. You need to decide the particular amount intended for the party and determine the person who will shoulder the expenditures. This is a step that must not be overlook. The expenses encountered for the bachelorette parties are often catered by the guests and some amount from the bride. But in some instances one or two people from your guests will shoulder all the expenses. You must be clear when it comes to expected amount of money that each guest will pay and you should also see to it that they can afford the amount needed for the party.
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4. Make a list of all the guests and invite them. Most of the time, the women involve in the part are those close friends of the bride, the bridesmaids and even their family members. If the venue for the party is not that spacious then you might consider having a short list for the guests.